[How do hawthorn sticks taste delicious?

[How do hawthorn sticks taste delicious?

Hawthorn is mostly a kind of very effective food, which is loved by many friends. The sweet and sour taste of hawthorn is very suitable for men, women and children.

Using hawthorn to make hawthorn sticks is actually relatively simple, and can be stored as snacks after the preparation is completed, which is very delicious.

Hawthorn bar can be made by adding the right amount of sugar according to your own taste, and the taste is even more.

Prepare the ingredients before making hawthorn sticks, the right amount of fresh hawthorn and the right amount of sugar, and some containers.

1. Prepare some hawthorn, soak it in salt water for ten minutes, and clean it; cut off both ends, and then cut to core.

2. Add processed hawthorn pieces to the pot (add different water to different cooking machine power, water volume needs to be adjusted by yourself, but as little as possible), add one hundred grams of crushed rock sugar, and cook for about ten minutes. In the processNeed to keep turning.

3. Pour the soft-boiled hawthorn into the cooking machine and pour it into mud (multiple times, if you like the delicate effect, use a strainer to filter it).

4. Pour the hawthorn puree into the pot again, add 100 grams of white sugar in portions, and stir fry continuously over medium heat (because of the large sugar content, it is easy to burn the bottom), and the texture will not disappear after the shovel is crossed., Or to the extent that the puree on the shovel is not easy to drip.

5. Scrape evenly on a flat-bottomed baking sheet (the non-stick baking sheet can be wiped directly, not non-stick, please put on silicone oil paper).

About 3 centimeters is the best; this process is drying. If you are anxious, bake in the oven at low temperature. It can be between 80 and 100 degrees, about 2 hours. Of course, the temperature varies, and there is a temperature difference in the oven.The setting is adjusted according to the situation; if there is no oven, it will be dried naturally. The days with sunshine are fast, about two or three days.

6. Slowly peel it in from the surroundings until it can be lifted completely. Remove the harder parts from the surroundings and cut into the shape you like.

7, find a deep container, put the hawthorn sticks, pour sugar, shake, so that the amount of sugar evenly covered with hawthorn sticks.