[Liuzhou’s most famous snacks]_Features_Features

[Liuzhou’s most famous snacks]_Features_Features

Everyone knows that Liuzhou’s snacks are more popular. Among them, the snail soup powder of Liuzhou is unique.

The snail powder has a variety of flavors to choose from, which is made of rice noodles and a variety of green vegetables, which has an excellent taste.

There is also a special product “Longevity Fruit”, which is rich in multivitamins, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and rejuvenating thirst.

Melted water fragrant duck, fragrant meat, delicious meat.

There are also glutinous rice pomelo and seedless honey orange, which are all worth eating.


The snail powder of Liuzhou is famous and unique in China.

The snail powder has the unique flavors of sour, spicy, fresh, refreshing and hot, ranking first in Liuzhou style snacks. It is made of Liuzhou’s unique soft and smooth rice noodles, plus acid bamboo shoots, fungus, peanuts, fried yuba, and day lily, Fresh and tender greens and other ingredients and rich moderate sour and spicy soup with boiled snail soup, after eating often makes people sweat, but because of the strange and delicious snail soup, you can’t stop it, eat two.

(Liuzhou) 2.

Liuzhou Rong’an traditional specialty fruit has the reputation of “longevity fruit”.

Liuzhou kumquat fruit has an oval shape, golden-colored and shiny skin, small and dense oil bubbles, sweet rind and sweet flesh, contains various nutrients such as sugar, acid, vitamin C and other nutrients required by the human body, and has qi and phlegm elimination., The effect of quenching thirst.


Rongshui fragrant duck, commonly known as earth duck or glutinous rice fragrant duck, is a local poultry breed formed by the rural people in Rongshui County for a long period of time. It is resistant to coarse food, small in size, and has more than 50% green shell eggs., Full muscle, high lean meat rate, tender meat, delicious, no fishy smell, contains a special meaty aroma, hence the name “fragrant duck”.


Luzhai mandarin orange (also known as seedless mandarin orange) has a fruit-type appearance, golden color, fruit without or with little seeds, and a single fruit weighing 150?
200 grams, soluble solids content of about 14%, the flesh is sweet, crispy, slag, unique flavor, rich orange flavor.


Rongshui glutinous rice pomelo: (Liuzhou) Rongshui glutinous rice pomelo has been cultivated locally for more than 300 years.

The glutinous rice pomelo is straight in shape of fruit, the skin is thin and tender, sweet and juicy, the flesh is densely yellow and crystalline, and the fragrance is like glutinous rice. It has unique local characteristics. Therefore, it has attracted the favor of merchants and consumers outside the region.


Rong’an “Xiaozhou Root Dish”: Xiaozhou Root Dish is a local traditional vegetable in Rong’an County. It is crunchy, tender and delicious. It is named after being originally produced in Xiaozhou Village, Daxiang Township, Rong’an County.

Because of its folk pickling, unique processing technology, and unique flavor products, it is well-known outside the region, and has long been well-known by consumers.

The average single plant weight of Xiao Chau Cai is 1.


0 kg, large and thick roots, thin skin, few fibers, crisp and tender size, very easy to process, not easy to deteriorate, can be made for ordinary home cooking and high-grade alternatives.