[Instant Noodle Hot Pot Practice]_ making hot pot _ how to cook

[Instant Noodle Hot Pot Practice]_ making hot pot _ how to cook

Instant noodles have now replaced many staple foods. Even when shabu-shabu, everyone likes instant noodles very much.

Instant noodles are also used as a staple food in the army hot pot of Korean cuisine. After the hot pot is finished with meat and meatballs, the instant noodles are poured into the hot pot, so the soup base used is meaty and the taste will be even more.

Instant noodles blend with the aroma of meat, and adding some vegetables will have a higher nutritional value.

Ingredients Instant noodles fans Flammulina Mushroom Sprouts Carrots Onions Rice Cake Luncheon Jelly Tofu Korean Sausage Spicy Cabbage Sugar Salt Korean Spicy Sauce Korean Instant Noodle Pot Practice Step 1.

Let’s cook 2 together.

Cook everything in the instant noodles 3.

If you like the taste of cheese, put a piece of cheese before the pan. It is very convenient. Tips: Instant noodles, the rest can be cooked in the pan together. How to cook instant noodles? Instant noodles: 1 packet of instant noodles, 2 tomatoes100g of rapeseed and one egg.

Peanut oil content, shallot segments, ginger slices, salt content practices: 1.

Diced tomatoes and washed small rapeseed.

Heat the oil in the pot and add the onion ginger shabu-shabu 2.

Pour in diced tomatoes and stir-fry until low heat until soft 3.

Pour boiling water.

Break in a poached egg and cook over medium-low heat until the yolk is almost solid. Remove the egg and place it in a bowl 4.

Add noodles and seasonings to the pan and mix well.

Cover and cook for 6-8 minutes.

Then add small rapeseed, add a small amount of salt and cook for another minute.

Put the vinegar and sesame oil in the egg bowl, then pour the cooked noodles into the spicy cabbage. Noodles: 2 pieces of noodles (available in supermarkets, noodle-style noodles).A spoonful of seasoning: sesame oil, beef powder (use a small amount of chicken essence if not used). Method: 1) Wash the golden pot, add sesame oil to heat. 2) Add the chopped spicy cabbage and stir-fry.Eat, some with flavor) 3) Add water to boil, add a spoonful of Korean chili sauce and a small amount of beef powder to season 4) add noodles and cook before cooking.

Super delicious, try it ~~ Instant Beef Noodles Material: Braised Beef Noodles Instant Noodles, Fat Beef Practice: 1, Make a small basin of water 2, Add Braised Beef Instant Noodle Cake + Seasoning Bun (Medium and Small Fire) 3Thaw the beef slices in a microwave oven4, put the thawed beef slices ** into the pot for cooking noodles (heating up) 5, cover the lid, wait for the water to open, and the beef slices alsoCooked, turn off the fire!