New rules for refinancing help advance the three major A-share indexes

New rules for refinancing help advance the three major A-share indexes

Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Gao Ping) The new rules for refinancing have been implemented, and the three major A-share stock indexes have risen collectively.

On February 17, the three major A-share indexes all opened higher and higher, and the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.

28% to close at 2983.

At 62 points, the falling gap created on the first trading day of the Year of the Rat.

The GEM Index was soaring all the way, rising 3%.

72%, the highest point in the intraday hit an index high in more than three years.

  The trading market showed that on February 17, the Shanghai Composite Index opened 0 higher.

27%. After that, the Shanghai Composite Index showed a unilateral upward trend.

At the close of the morning, the Shanghai Composite Index 苏州桑拿网 increased by 1.

3% at 2955.

07 o’clock.

In the afternoon, the Shanghai Composite Index continued to rise, the increase continued to expand, and the closing of the day ended, the Shanghai Composite Index rose sharply 2.

28% to close at 2983.

At 62 points, it was close to the 3,000-point integer mark, and the contraction gap created on the first trading day of the Year of the Rat was recovered in one fell swoop.

  GEM said the rally was extremely fierce.

On February 17, the ChiNext Index opened 0 higher.

97%. After the market opened, the GEM Index showed a strong growth trend.

At the end of the day, the GEM Index surged nearly 4% to 3.

72% closed at 2146.

At 18, the intraday high was 2146.

18 points refreshed the new high since December 2016.

In addition, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index rose sharply on the 淡水桑拿网 same day, and finally closed the same day, rising by 2.

98% to close at 11,241.

5 o’clock.

  On the surface of the disk, 61 industry sectors collectively turned red, and none of them fell.

Aerospace, pesticides and veterinary drugs rose the most, the aerospace sector rose by nearly 8%, the stocks in the sector set off a tide, all 26 constituent stocks in the sector achieved growth, and 13 stocks, such as AVIC Mechanical and Electrical, had daily limits.

In addition, the pesticide and veterinary drugs sector rose by 7.

1%. Shipbuilding, security equipment and other sectors also ranked at the forefront.

The brokerage trust sector rose sharply in the afternoon, Guojin Securities blocked the rise and stopped trading, and Guoyuan Securities closed up 9 points.


At the end of the day, the brokerage trust sector increased by 4.


In terms of concept plates, glyphosate, large aircraft, aircraft carrier concepts, and agricultural plantations saw large gains.

  As for individual stocks, the two cities showed a general rise.

The data show that out of a total of 3912 stocks in the two cities, fewer than 100 stocks fell, and only 81 stocks floated green.

Excluding flats and suspended stocks, more than 3,600 stocks achieved varying degrees of growth, and suspended stocks rose to 176.

  On the whole, the market value of the two cities surged by about one on February 17.

61 trillion.Wind data shows that on the trading day before February 17, the stocks in the two cities closed 64th overall.

48 trillion, the closing market value on February 17 reached 66.

09 trillion.

  In response to the A-share market on February 17, Li Daxiao, chief economist of Yingda Securities, said that the introduction of new refinancing rules will attract investors to participate actively, increase capital entry, and encourage the market.

In addition, a ten basis point drop in MLF is also encouraging to the market.

“In addition, the mood of investors has also improved.

More crucially, before responding to the epidemic, an expanded announcement of a series of stable market transfers is in play.

Said Li Daxiao.

  Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Open Source Fund, said, “This refinancing loosening has formed a major positive for some listed companies that have refinancing needs and have too much capital.

Especially for GEM companies, the demand in this area is relatively large, so the benefits for GEM are obvious. “